computer career paths

Computer scientists and IT professionals with computer science degrees are known for their logical minds, problem-solving skills, and ability to thrive as part of a team. Perhaps that’s why they’re in such high demand. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites computer science and database administration as two of the fastest growing occupations through 2014–and those are just two of the great available careers for computer grads. As researchers and innovators, computer scientists are leading the way in shaping our online world, developing new technologies, creating and configuring computer networks, and exploring new ways to organize and manipulate information. Computer hardware and software engineers also enjoy one of today’s hottest job markets. As every aspect of life becomes computerized, the work of those who can develop the systems to support it remains essential. Computer engineers use thier computer science degrees to assess the needs of diverse groups within an organization and translate them with applications or hardware that make it possible to create new ways of doing business, whatever the sector. Of course, with increased global reliance on computers in general, there is a high demand for computer systems analysts in every business sector. These computer specialists must remain expert in the latest in computer technology, while also exhibiting the people skills and propensity for teamwork that make it possible to work closely with the nontechnical members of an organization. Computer programmers face a more challenging outlook as competition increases and certain technologies become self-programming. That being said, those who stay on top of trends and commit to strong educational training and top computer science degrees will remain in demand. As for the specific career choices in computing, the variety of available options is almost limitless. From entertainment to medicine, those with computer science degrees are in demand everywhere. This creates a unique opportunity for professionals who aim to marry their talents with their interests, whether in music, big business, or any other field–the career choices for computer science graduates abound.


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